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A picture of Sheridan next to a donkey at Legoland (a Lego donkey).

Hi, I'm Sheridan.

I'm a first-year PhD student advised by David Bau and Byron Wallace at Northeastern University as a Khoury Distinguished Fellow. Before that, I completed my B.S. in Computer Science at Brown University, where I worked with Ellie Pavlick in the LUNAR Lab.

I'm interested in taking apart language models in order to figure out how they work. Do neural models "understand" language like humans do? Check out my Google Scholar page to see an up-to-date list of my work so far.

I'm also a jazz drummer, and I tinker in music-making and creative writing. In my undergrad, I played in small-group combos and was the drummer for an all-femme jazz/funk group. If you're a jazz musician in the Boston area who's interested in jamming, definitely reach out!

What's in my headphones: Keith Jarrett Trio - Hallucinations (Whisper Not, 1999)